Choosing a Fantasy Name for Your Character

Fantasy is a very popular genre in literature.  However, it is not restricted to books these days. Fantasy has begun to appear in Television shows, movies, music, painting, and even video games. The genre is gaining notice and becoming more popular with every passing year.  Websites associated with this type of genre are also getting popular and designed to help people, or players of games, choose authentic sounding fantasy names for them. For example, if you wanted a name for the game World of Warcraft, you could turn to a wow name generator to help you pick.

Traditionally, fantasy stories involve magic, paranormal creatures, terrible monsters, and sometimes different, unfamiliar worlds.   This form of literature has been around for a long time, going back even as far as Homer in ancient times.  Books like The Lord of the Rings have made this popular, especially once the movies launched, reaching a huge audience. Games like Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and many others take full advantage of the popularity of this genre, giving us fantastical creatures, different worlds, and magical powers.  Many of these games have huge numbers of users and they won’t be going away any time soon.

One thing that most fantasy stories, as well as game character NPC’s (non-player characters) have in common is the uncommon nature of the character names.  You won’t often find names like Sally, Joe, or Bob in these types of stories. Though some common names do appear now and again, depending on where the story is set, most are pretty fantastical do not typical rules for vowels or consonants. It may be hard for most people to pick a fantasy name for themselves, so they turn to the internet and head to places to give them names. If you are looking for a warcraft name, you would turn to a wow name generator, if you wanted a simple fantasy name for a story, you could turn to a fantasy name generator. Many people simply use their imaginations when it comes to picking fantasy names.  Go with sounds that you like, consonants you find interesting or appealing, and stick them together to make a truly unique and interesting name. The best thing about fantasy names is that there are no hard and fast rules and pretty much anything goes, so feel free to be creative.